About us


Carpol Industries is an Indian consumer electrical products manufacturing company based In West Bengal and other parts of India from 2002. It has diversified With interests in appliances, fans, pump sets & motors .water heaters , juicer mixer, grinders Engineering and projects. Its main domains are domestic fans & other consumer durable items.

Carpol Industries along with its brands, have earned the distinction of being preferred choice of Electrical products for discerning individuals and industrial consumer in India. Our products are highly energy efficient and are complying with international quality standards. We offer special Customization service along with a promise of flawless ceiling fans by strictly following the pre-fixed delivery schedule. Each Carpol product is an “appliance of science”. At every stage of production rigorous quality control is exercised. Be it procurement of raw materials or assembling, testing at every stage is ensured.

Carpol Industries has a major expansion plan and in near future we expect to emerge as a major Player in the field of domestic and commercial appliances. Needless to mention our each and every attempt bears the mark of quality.

Soon Carpol will emerge as a major national player in the field of consumer durables. We are Presently in the process of striving intensely to spread our product visibility and availability through a proper retail network and to expand our service network coupled with consumer grievance cell nationally.

Long Term Goals

To provide quality, reliability and good value in the products we sell and services we offer .To be sensitive and responsive to changing customer needs right from product development stage to after-sales-service. To aim to become market leaders in whatever we take up for marketing – whether in restricted areas for certain products or on an All-India basis for others.

To improve our competitiveness by constantly enhancing the performance our manufacturing, development, marketing and administrative functions. We would like to improve our profit by higher market share rather than by higher margin. To develop the right relationship between the company and all its customer be s, so that the customers needs are met simply and effectively. Services should not just be a slogan; It should be our “Dharma” . We have already established a consumer cell to take care of consumer complaints as also desired by the council for FAIR Business Practices.

To conduct the company’s affairs with honesty and integrity. People at every level will be expected to adhere to high standards of business ethics.

To motivate them by offering quality products at reasonable prices. We must create conditions for them in which they should like to establish long term relationship with us. We must make such policies that will improve the profit of our dealers.

To offer growth and encourage promotion from within by proper training and motivation. To create an atmosphere that will encourage best of talent to join our company. To see that the fruits of prosperity are shared by those who have contributed in the prosperity of the company. To ensure that our customers are kept satisfied through good quality product at reasonable price and proper after-sales-services.

To earn reasonable profit is extremely essential for discharging our obligations. Awareness to profit has to be strengthened and percolated at all levels, since each person is expected to and must contribute to increasing the profitability of the company.

To perpetually strive to improve the quality where there is to be no compromise. People at all levels whether they are employees or vendors, or dealers – should be made to consider “ quality as a way of life “.The emphasis on quality is not to be restricted to our products and our services only, but to all spheres of our activities.

To develop our company in technical orientation, so that we sell our product on the basis of technical superiority.

To be on our toes and always dynamic whether are good or bad. There should be no place for demoralization and frustration if the markets are bad or for complacency or lethargy when they are good. We should not be satisfied with our past achievement but strive for higher and better performance like a real “Karma yogi “.

To develop a culture where mediocrity is neither accepted nor tolerated .To create conditions where each person is striving to surpass his earlier best ; where each person is motivated and assisted to give out his best.

Our Vision

“Enhancing quality of life and bringing happiness with sustainability “

Having complete alignment in what we feel, what we speak and what we do thereby demonstrating honesty and having strong moral principles

Believing In “ one for all and all for one “thereby working together to exceed our expectations in achieving organizational objectives.

Creating conditions and enabling people to take responsibility for enhanced contribution towards organizational objectives.

Proactively anticipating internal and external customer needs and relentlessly working towards exceeding their expectations.

To continuously explore, develop, create and implement new technology, processes, ideas and Products. Our entity was conceived to ensure that the product have the best available specifications and built with cutting edge technology .To provide our engineers and technicians with latest technology we shall upgrade our models regularly to make them well accepted by our dealers all over in order to be proud of fulfillment of our promise. Carpol Industries shall have a product for everyone. Each Carpol product shall be built with quality (By way of having a quality range of domestic, commercial and industrial fans ). Accuracy and workmanship, Our Designs and colour combination will be spectacular.


Be a significant global player in the electrical appliance industry and a company with diversified product in the industry by becoming highly competitive on quality and cost parameters and offering the customer products that always meet with there expectations.

Our Mission

  • Serving our customer by adding superior value with our industry expertise, innovative systems and commitment to them ;
  • Serving our associates and their families by providing opportunities for associates to grow, advance and secure a prosperous future;
  • Serving our suppliers through mutually rewarding relationships; and
  • Serving the communities in which we live and work.

Brief History of Carpol Industries

Our company was incorporated as Carpol Industries Private Limited under the Indian Companies Act.1956 as a private company limited by shares.

In the recent past our company has established a new manufacturing unit at Ramchandrapur near Kolkata with state of art machineries and with a wing dedicated to Research and Development to commence operations of manufacturing of fans. Commercial production has already gone well underway.

Previously we have been serving domestic market only. But now we intend to get into large scale operations to produce Industrial as well as domestic exhaust fans, other industrial fans, domestic ceiling and portable fans like pedestal, air circulator etc. with a big infra- structure of quality assurance and technical development.

Recognitions received & standard certifications

Owing to our world class manufacturing facilities, we are able to manufacture fans in adorable designs and patterns under strict specifications, as per the ISO standards & we have ISI quality standard mark for few models given by Bureau of Indian standards.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Social and environmental responsibility has been at the forefront of Carpol Industries operating Philosophy and as a result the company consistently contributes to socially responsible activities. In the past, the company has generously contributed to the society in the green Initiatives, community service work and during various national calamities like the Bihar Flood, Tsunami and Kargil National Relief Fund etc.

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